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What to do in the early morning when coming to Phu Quoc?

You are going to travel Phu Quoc, so in the first morning, what will you want to do? Follow the foot of a female foreign visitor named Kim to experience. >> Getting Around >> Family trip A few days ago, to escape from the noisy and bustle of Hanoi, we have booked flights to Phu Quoc –

Getting Around

Phu Quoc has few stretches of sealed road, so to see many of the secluded beaches or natural beauty spots, going by motorbike is the best option. Motorbike Taxi This is an efficient and cheap way of travelling around and to get to most places in the Duong Dong/Long Beach area should not cost you

When to visit Phu Quoc

High Season: The island Phu Quoc’s monsoonal sub-equatorial climate is at its best in the November to March period. Sunny skies and consistent temperatures of 25 – 28 Celsius make it a good time to be here. On the down side, prices are high and the island becomes more congested. You won’t be alone in

Phu Quoc Island Travel Guide

Sitting back in a hammock, looking out over the quiet surf, you may wonder why more people don’t know about Phu Quoc Island. It gets almost none of the press of those islands over in Thailand – and yet with its rugged jungle, squeaking white sands and sparkling cobalt waters, it can more than match