Vietnamese dipping sauce

Vietnamese dipping sauce – A requirement at every Vietnamese table, nước chấm is used to season grilled and steamed meats, salad and fried rolls, vegetables and seafood. It is used in many recipes, too, but is always put on the table for each individual to dip as their taste dictates. This recipe has a distinct southern

Sim Wine

The tomentose rose myrtle fruit is a special one which is present throughout Vietnam, but in Phu Quoc it is “sublimated” into a special alcohol with fascinating violet. Tomentose rose myrtle alcohol is considered as a Phuquoc’s speciality thank to its specially good smell and nice taste. Made of tomentose rose myrtle fruits and mostly

Phu Quoc fish sauce

Vietnamese food is nothing without the imprint of fish sauce (nuoc mam). The best Vietnamese fish sauce is delicately flavored and full of umami goodness. Believe it or not, good fish sauce can be enjoyed straight. Seriously. You can make fish sauce from various kind of aquatic animals (shrimp, mackerel, or squid, for example). However,

Eating in Phu Quoc

It has to be fresh fish. Ocean Bar and Grill. The Ocean bar provides excellent service and food. The seafood is fresh and cooked to order whilst the staff are highly trained and attentive. Michelle, the owner, speaks to every customer about their meal and keeps a photo and book of comments from all patrons.

Phu Quoc pepper

As fish sauce, Phu Quoc pepper  is also a famous speciality and valuable spice on the country. Phu Quoc pepper is famous for its big seed, thin husk, strong and spicy taste, and solid score. The favourable land and weather and long-standing experiences, pepper trees in Phu Quoc grow well covering a large area. Pepper