FAQs about Phu Quoc Island

Do I need to get a visa for my trip?

All visitors must obtain Vietnam visa prior to entry into Vietnam. However, at present visitors from the following 12 countries – Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Laos, The Philippines, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden are exempted from requiring visas when they enter, exit, or stay in Vietnam for less than 15 days.

Specifically in relation to Phu Quoc Island, 2005 regulations were introduced to exempt visas for foreigner entry, exit, and residing in Phu Quoc Island for a stay not exceeding 15 days, however this means staying in the airport transit lounge in HCM City before travelling to Phu Quoc Island. See our Getting there – Customs & Visas page for more comprehensive information.

What is the official language?

Vietnamese is the official language. Although English is also widely spoken in the city centre’s. Most tour guides speaks French, Chinese, Russian and Japanese.

If you’d like a head start in learning some Vietnamese before your holiday or just need to get out of a sticky situation then see our Info Desk – Language Help page for some of the more useful words and phases.

What is the official currency?

Vietnamese Dong (VND) is the official currency.

Foreign currencies such as US and Australian dollars, Japanese Yen as well as many major currencies can be exchanged into Vietnamese Dong at banks or foreign exchange agencies throughout major towns and cities in Vietnam.

Paper notes include: VND500,000; 200,000; 100,000; 50,000; 20,000; 10,000; 5,000; 2,000; 1,000; 500; 200 and 100.

Do I need to worry about safetly on Phu Quoc Island?

While Vietnam is one of the safest countries in Asia, you should take care with your possessions. While there have been no cases of pickpockets or thieves of any kind reported on Phu Quoc Island, it is advisable to secure your values, documents and credit cards in your hotel safe. For your own safety, if you choose to ride a motorbike, it is advisable to wear a helmet.

For more information on security, safety, health and travel advice see our Info Desk – Tips & Hints or Health pages.

Is tipping necessary?

Tipping is not expected in Vietnam or on Phu Quoc Island in that matter, but it is highly appreciated. A 5-10% tip for a meal is quite sufficient. Avoid tipping too much, as it will set a precedent for others. It is customary, though not compulsory, to tip tour guides and drivers at the end of a tour, and any tips are appreciated. Hotel and station porters should also be tipped, about 1 – 3 USD/day, depending on the service. If you travel and eat on the roadside, it is generally not required that you tip.

Will I be able to do my laundry?

Many hotels and resorts on Phu Quoc Island will have laundry facilities in house. Alternatively there are many places in town that also offer a good laundry service at a fraction of the price, just remember to check you receive all your cloths.

What is the weather like on Phu Quoc Island?

Phu Quoc Island has a tropical climate that varies throughout the year, with an average temperature of 27°C and average rainfall of 190mm/month which is concentrated in the rainy season that runs from July through to Early October. There are 3 distinct seasons:

The Dry season runs from November to March with average temperature between 25 °C to 28 °C during the day. The nights are usually cooler. The sea water at an average of 18°C to 24°C.
The Shoulder seasons run from April to June and Late Oct, is a good time to visit Phu Quoc with less crowds and generally cheaper accommodation prices.
The Rainy season runs from July to Early October, however it only rains for a short period of time. Average temperature during this season ranges between 24°C to 27 °C.

Are there any ATM’s or Banks on Phu Quoc Island?

You’ll find a number of ATM’s dotted around Duong Dong Town and at major resorts like Saigon Phu Quoc Resort and outside Sasco Blue Lagoon to name a few. A number of the main banks are located around town, most with ATM and cash changing facilities.

If changing foreign currency, we recommend you try to bring some Vietnamese Dong with you, as Exchange Rates on Phu Quoc are not always as great as the mainland.

Can I get my photos developed on the Island?

As far as we know there are currently no places in which to develop your photo’s on Phu Quoc, digital or 35mm. Postcards can however be purchased at major resorts and in town.

There are various general stores around that sell regular batteries, though if you need anything specific like a camera battery, it’s better to bring these with you.

Do you take bookings for accommodation or hotels on Phu Quoc Island?

We are a completely independent web site that aims to provide up to date information and travel advice that’s unbiased and aims to help our visitors before and after they arrive on Phu Quoc. If you’re looking for any specific specific types of accommodation please visit our Hotels & Resorts pages for a full listing of accommodation available from budget bungalows to top end resorts.

We always welcome feedback to ensure our accommodation ratings reflect those establishments that provide the best range and quality of services, make sure our visitors are well looked after while visiting the island, and are environmentally responsible.

Other Do’s and Don’ts

Here’s some general advice:

It’s in your best interests not to drink the tap water.
Leave your valuables behind before a night out on the town, or going to the beach. Most hotels offer in room safes.
Do not offer money directly to minority people – instead donate to a local charity.
Always ask permission first before taking photographs.